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Warehouse Cleaning

We specialize in offering warehouse cleaning, exterior pressure washing of entryways, walkways and loading docks service. Our cleaners are trained with various industry standards of cleaning-ensuring that your warehouse or manufacturing unit is meeting with pre-established cleaning standard of cleanliness and safety. 

In warehouse cleaning, our expert cleaners perform various tasks such as – 

  • Floor Scrubbing / Deep Cleaning (Repair of cracks, Detailed removal of all dust, stripping of paint stains, Pre-treatment of soaked-in grease and oil stains, Gum and adhesive removal) Ceiling High Dusting / Cleaning

  • Floor Repair / Resealing Ceiling High Dusting / Cleaning (remove all dust, grime, grease, oil, dirt & debris, Clean lighting covers to restore lighting levels, Diffuser area cleaning and etc)

  • Floor Repair / Resealing (inspection with customer, Repair cracks, Repair / resurfacing floor damage and others)

No matter which industry you are serving, maintaining clean and organized workspaces is very important for business productivity. Our expert cleaners perform their job accurately and honestly. We don’t cut the corners or walls, we clean them. We use different cleaning equipment to remove all dust and debris from your warehouse. Benefits associated with our services, including: – 

  • Increase Safety

  • Better productivity 

  • Brand Reputation

  • Employee satisfaction 


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